Combining Western ingredients and Asian home recipes to elevate and refine the perception of the humble dumpling, from Asian street snack to easy dining experience.

Our vision? To create the world’s finest ingredient-led dumplings.


  1. Diverse – The perfect combination of two or more cultures to form a single entity.
  2. Innovative – Continually reviewing and exploring ingredients to create new products our customers love.
  3. Authentic – A genuine street food brand focussed on and
    celebrating one product at its heart.


  1. Bold – Having the courage to try new ideas.
  2. Easy – A sociable and relaxing place where friends can go and enjoy themselves.
  3. Cheeky – to consume or do something in an unplanned, self-indulgent way.
  4. Cozy – Friendly, kind and helpful.

Get your dumpling fix!

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